Productos Médicos is a company founded by Ana Blanca Bestit and José Arias in 1.989.

Our goal is the marketing of all kinds of medical products, offer change and repair services, both in devices and surgical instruments from ophtalmology and both general and specialised surgery, including surgical motors, endoscopes, fiberscopes, monitors, light sources, all kind of cables, as well as sensors, batteries, etc.

We offer search for any product on the market, manufactured under the guarantee of the largest international brands.

You will always find the best deal with us. We offer all the medical specialties, as well as furniture, devices, surgical prostheses, biopsy needles, surgical motors, endoscopy, fiberscopy, surgical drills, carpets of high asepsis for operating rooms, equipment for diagnosis, medical bulbs, material for sterilization, haemostatic sponges, scales, microscopes, surgical instruments for all specialties.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any question. Twenty-seven years of experience back us.